Monday, March 5, 2012

All for a carrot...

I haven't blogged in a really long time. However, my friend is doing an awesome give away of a carrot door hanger by Sugar Plum designs. The designer of this company, Lindsey, is adorable. I went to college with her and we instantly loved each other. Her friend, Jamie, who I hold near and dear, is hosting her give away. These girls are creative, fun, & beautiful and I am happy to post about them! If my life slows down in the near future, I plan on blogging again. I hope I win this cute carrot wreath. My front door will look naked this Easter without it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Friends

I think this website is just the sweetest little idea I have ever seen. I found it through (which is a blog that I ADORE). Anyway, here is the skinny: you take a picture of your child's favorite toy and ths artist does a portrait of it. They are really precious. Check out the gallery First Friends
Sooooo, Reid and I just did a photo shoot with Panda, Lady and Rocky. His first three loves to his classic plush play group. He has played with these animals since he was 18 months old. Through the years, his play has changed. He used to line them up to sleep with him or eat at the table by him. Then he graduated to putting them on trucks to carry them around to different areas of the house. Now he has them all rescue each other from different scenarios or hide in various places with him. Animals have joined the group at different times throughout the years but these three...oh these precious three. I can't wait.
I will post the final product when it's complete.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


My family loves this YouTube video. It is precious so I thought I would share. The song is so sweet and the little girl is adorable.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I ordered Christmas cards from Square Cupboard (supporting local business :) and I love them. However, I did not order enough. So, I have heard about this promotion on Shutterfly and decided I would give it a whirl. I think this is how it post your card that you create and then they give you 50 free cards. Sounds simple. It probably takes a normal person about 30 minutes to complete the process and it took me about 2 hours. I did receive the confirmation but I think it make take time to process. It may be after Christmas when the other half of my cards go out. Oh well, it's Christmas!

christmas card 2010

Holly And Jolly Christmas Card
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View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


It feels only fitting to have a thanksgiving post when looking back at our wonderful Fall. I haven't blogged since August but we have had such great things going on around us. I am grateful for healthy and happy kids that I can celebrate and enjoy life with. Here are some pictures of how we have been living life over the last couple of months...

thankful...for my sweet husband turning 30! We are huge fans of this old man. :)

thankful...for pumpkins...or as Mary Abbott says, pumkims. We had a great time...painting, decorating, picking ect...

and for Halloween. My Dan Mullen head coach and my Belle princess were a hit and had such a great time.

thankful...for fall sports! Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was ok with Reid playing football at such a young age but it all worked out. Turns out he really liked it, and I made it through the season pretty calm. He has such a way about him. To me, he doesn't look that tough in his uniform because I know him too well. He is fast, competitive and loves sports so it was a year. We were undefeated and won the Super Bowl! We spent most Saturdays at Topher's (cousin) soccer game, then other cousin, Emma cheering & then t0 Reid's football games. We wouldn't have it any other way.

thankful ... for my pregnant best and her adorable, sweet, funny, smart, cute and darling little boy coming for a visit. No one in my family can get enough of him. We are instantly missing him as soon as he leaves. A weekend is never long enough. He is so lively and my kids love to chase him around. He has so much fun here too and laughs the entire time.

thankful.... for family on Thanksgiving. We celebrated the day with my sister, mom and Ronnie and all of the kids. We had the kids stand like this and then had a little moment because next year there will be one more baby on the bottom...yay! We can't wait for our new nephew/niece/cousin.

(Reid is sweaty! Topher and Reid play really hard together) The gingerbread houses in the back were my mom's idea...adorable. It ended with a little sibling rivalry, healthy competition between Mandy and me.

thankful...for my pilgrim....Mary Abbott's preschool had a Thanksgiving feast. She was the most beautiful pilgrim I have ever seen. (I've seen tons) It really doesn't get much more precious than Mary Abbott in a bonnet!

thankful..for Christmas being right around the corner... really can't believe it is already that time of year again! We love putting up our tree, going to parades, advent, cooking, daddy being off work, family coming to visit from California, Texas & Greenwood! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

(ps. mary abbott was tired during the reading of The Night Before Christmas...can you tell? :)

Living a life being thankful and serving a giving God~ Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mary Abbott is 3!

Our baby turned 3!
We had a full party weekend. We started off on Friday night with a family cookout/swim party at my mom's house. Then the next morning we had a princess pancake breakfast honoring Mary Abbott. We invited eight girls and they all came in their princess outfits...precious! Emma Kate, my niece, and my mom did their nails and make up...again, precious. David made pancakes for everyone (we nicknamed him "the chef" for the weekend...he really did a lot of good cooking). It was a fabulous and very fitting birthday party for our sweet little Mary Abbott. Aside from Reid getting the stomach virus, the weekend was wonderful! I still feel like she is a baby and she is quick to remind me that now she is a "big gurl." She also asked me, "when I turn five, will I be a boy?" she is a little confused about aging...ha!
Enjoy the pictures!

Aunt DeeDee and Mary Abbott=best friends forever

I wrote her a letter, which I do for their birthdays, and told her that wherever she is in life right now she needs to go and get the video tape of this party and watch her 3 year old little self being so grateful. It brought tears to my eyes at the party. She saw that castle cake and was so thankful. She has the sweetest little heart.

Aunt Kate on Friday helping her open gifts! So sweet.

All the little princesses :)

Mimi putting make up on Emersyn

Emma Kate and Mary Abbott

Ava really looks like Snow White...thinking she will probably get some type of internship to work at Disney World in her future

Kacey made stickers for the party that match the treat bag cards and thank you cards. She is really great at designing this kind of stuff. If you every need me for her information. I'm trying to get her to start a side business...she is that good.

Reid was sick the weekend of the party. He was so sad about it...ugh. Mary snuggled with him pre-party. I know people say don't let anyone close to the one that is sick...but we don't live by that principle in our house-the one that is sick needs a lot of love.

Myers and Mary Abbott were done. This is in Kacey's car on the way back from the family party. They had skinny dipped, then had the party, ate cake, opened presents and played their hearts out.

Reid, Mary and Topher

kk and "abbott" on her birthday.